Does a roof need a ridge vent?

Ventilation is a very important part of the roofing system. Ventilation helps control the amount of air
intake and exhaust through your attic and can have a direct impact on keeping your home at an ideal
temperature. There are several types of ventilation available for several types of roofs. One type of
ventilation that has gotten more popular in recent years is the ridge vent. Let’s take a look at ridge vent
including what it is, its benefits and if you need it.

What is Ridge Vent?

Do know what roof ridge vent is you need to know what a roof’s ridge is. The ridge is the highest point where
two roofing planes meet. To the laymen, this is simply the highest portion of your roof. Most roofs have
ridge cap shingles that dress the ridge but if your home is set up right you can get ridge vent installed.
Ridge vent is exactly what it sounds like, a venting system that follows the roof’s ridge to help regulate
air flow.

You can get ridge vent that is nested on top of the ridge without any covering or you can get what’s
known as a shingle-over ridge vent. This is simply a ridge vent that has shingles over it to help match the
other portions of the roof. They both do their job but with the different aesthetic appeal.
Ridge vent can be installed on many different types of roofs but it is more popular with certain types of
roofs like a roof on a vaulted ceiling.

Benefits of Ridge Vent

The number one benefit of ridge vent is creating a stronger ventilation system on your roof that helps to
better regulate the flow of air into and out of your house. Some homeowners also like aesthetic appeal
as you may be able to eliminate other “eye-sore” vents after installing ridge vent.

Do I Need Ridge Vent?

All roofs are different and have their own unique needs and want. Your local roofing consultant can
look over your whole roofing system and help determine if ridge vent would be a good fit for your

There’s a taste of ridge vent. Talk to your local roofer for a more detailed explanation and to find out if
ridge vent would be a match for your roof and home.

Written by: Alan Parkes, Owner of Roofcorp of Metro Denver Roofing

Alan Parkes has been in the roofing industry for decades. His company, Roofcorp of Metro Denver, Inc is one of Colorado’s most recognized reputable roofing companies around and has been recognized by the Denver Metro BBB and other organizations as a leader in the industry.