Why Wind Damages Roofs

The wind is a powerful force of nature capable of inflicting damage to the roof of your home and anything else in its path. If you live in a state where high wind speeds are a feature of the local weather patterns then you know how destructive it can be on a home, especially the roof.

How Wind Damages Roofs

Seasonal storms can bring with them great winds of varying speeds that can tear away the shingles and siding on a home and damage it in many other ways. High dangerous wind speeds can increase the damage from other factors such as hail and rain in devastating ways. The more familiar you are with your roof and the material that your home is made from the more you will be able to prevent damage that can be caused by the wind.

Building materials absorb wind damage and any loose materials on a roof or siding of a home are at high risk of damage from the wind. Wind effects the roof of every home but the most susceptible areas of any building are the corners and edges of the roof, the more exposed these areas are the more likely they are to be damaged by the wind.

If you believe that the roof or other areas of your home have been damaged by recent wind, be sure to address these damages immediately. Any area of a home that has been damaged by the wind is more likely to be further damaged by other elements such as rain and snow. Any damage to a home that seems small has the potential to grow through repeated wind exposure over time. The area surrounding your home may also contain potential hazards that can be affected by high wind speeds.

Trees near a home should be trimmed and any loose branches removed to prevent them from breaking away during periods of wind. Flying debris is one of the most common causes of damage to a home during blowing wind. Ensuring that the area around your home is free of harmful debris can help you maintain a greater peace of mind when the wind begins to howl.