How to Find a Roofer

Anyone who has ever owned a home knows that sooner or later the roof will need to be replaced and you will find yourself vetting roofing professionals in your area. Roofing jobs are often among the most expensive projects that a homeowner can undertake and it’s important that you find a roofing contractor that you trust and has a quality reputation in your local area.

Here we will discuss a few quick things to look for and ask before hiring a roofing contractor.

Find a Roofer with These Tips

Research and Referrals

Begin by targeting roofing contractors in your local area and ask friends and family for any referrals they may be able to give you. People that you have a personal relationship with will most often be the best source of quality recommendations that you can trust. Once you have a few names it is easy to research the roofing contractors online or through the Better Business Bureau to confirm each is a licensed and insured professional.

Price Can Reflect Quality

Roofing projects are not undertaken on a whim and are most often required for a living space. Cost is always a factor to consider before hiring a roofing contractor but with such an important job the price may reflect the quality of the work. Saving a few dollars is always nice but not if it comes at the expense of the integrity of your home.

Meet and Sign

Never hire a construction contractor without having me them in person first, this person will be spending a lot of time at your home and around your personal space. Ask the contractor for a list of referrals and remember to check them before making a hiring decision. When you feel that you have found a trustworthy roofing contractor it is time to move forward and sign a contract that will cover your project from start to finish.

If you feel unsure about what this roofing contract should entail a good person to ask for advice is your insurance agent. Your agent should be familiar with the needs of your home and the requirements that a construction contractor needs to abide by.